Knowmads Business School opened in Amsterdam in February 2010. We had no building, no program, no curriculum, and no accreditation. What we did have was a a vision: to bring in bright individuals looking to create impact in the world, an authentic way of living, and ready to co-design their own learning as part of the process.

Our first Tribe had twelve students from all corners of the world – South Korea, USA, Brazil, Switzerland, Germany and the Netherlands. Diversity, self development, playfulness, guts, embodied knowledge, cooperation skills, and global insight have always been part of our programs. We believe that in order to be creative and learn, people need to be willing to make mistakes. And because it is real life, projects and results can be ambiguous. It’s all part of the process.

Our Story

Knowmads Hanoi started in Vietnam in 2013 as a cooperation between Knowmads Amsterdam and the Center for Sustainable Development Studies (CSDS). The purpose was the same: empower young people to create positive impact, by organizing, designing and facilitating learning processes.

Knowmads International

Knowmads Argentina was funded in 2018 by the initiative of Knowmads alumni who wanted to create spaces in which people can keep exploring and developing themselves.

Knowmads Hanoi

Knowmads Argentina

Since the first Tribe started, Knowmads has continued to evolve. Our goal is to educate changemakers so learning and change is what it’s all about. For the time being, Knowmads Amsterdam is moving away from a 6 months program, to engage in a multiplicity of in person and online seasonal programs. All of them will keep the core principle of the Knowledge philosophy: building a community for each and every individual to discover and apply their own talents into the world.

We invite you to join us in this journey of alternative education, to develop yourself and bring your own voice in this ever evolving international community which is Knowmads. Through themes of personal leadership, sustainability, innovation, social entrepreneurship and collaboration we want to explore the most fundamental life questions within the context of our present world.

Welcome home to all those diverse talents and gifted people looking for learning experiences that prepares you for the reality of the 21st century. 

Where we are now

Guus Wink

The founders

Floris Koot

Pieter Spinder

Tsila Piran

Pieter Kuijpers

Carianne Vermaak

Anna Pauzenga

Selma Steenhuisen

Jord Hilstra

Alex Falk


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