Inner Compass  

It’s OK not to know. You don’t have to. In fact, at this point in time, there is very little ahead of us that we can be absolutely sure of.

The world is undergoing profound transformations and as part of it so are we. How to navigate all the complexity and uncertainty of the current times?

Knowmads Amsterdam and Knowmads Argentina are launching their first online journey together: an invitation to come back to ourselves, to question what is no longer serving us and to start cultivating the traits that can support us moving forwards. 

An online learning experience for people who want to increase their personal leadership and to rethink their way forward.

For whom?

People of all ages and from all corners of the world who:

- Are ready to take ownership of their learning process
- Are open to enter spaces of uncertainty and simply...not know
- Believe that we can go further if we go together
- Are willing to question themselves

The Program.  What do I get? 

- An applied program on personal leadership
- 13 hours of facilitated workshops divided in 4 community meetings
- Weekly peer group meetings
- Weekly assignments focused on your own context and environment 
- A community of diverse people exploring different ways to support themselves and each another
- A mind-heart-hands approach

The Journey. What will I do?

Module 1 - A look in the mirror
Identifying and understanding personal behaviours and beliefs.
Where am I now? How do I see myself?
Module 2 - The power of stories
Mapping talents and exploring new and more empowering narratives for yourself. What are my talents? What are other stories that I can tell about myself?
Module 3 - Finding your style
Exploring and curating your own practices. Which actions and elements will support me moving forwards? How do I implement them into my daily life?
Module 4 - Reflection and integration
Sense making and assimilation. What did I gain? What are my next steps?

Regular - World in Transition Price

Students and KN Alumni - World in Transition Price




We believe alternative education should not be an exclusive experience. Therefore, we offer a number of scholarships. Please let us know if at this point, money is an issue.

Financial Support 

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