Knowmads offers different opportunities for people who want to explore themselves, their relationship with their surroundings and the topics that they care about. These opportunities are co-created experiences based on experiential learning. They're not meant to offer all the answers, but rather create new questions, more powerful ones, that support us learning how to shape our gifts into a way of life that supports us and benefits others.

We believe that holistic, alternative education shouldn’t be an opportunity for just a few. So, thanks to the the support of our partners, some of our programs are fully funded and made accessible for free. See below for our current opportunities (and if you're a Spanish-speaker you can find out about our awesome programs in Spanish created by Knowmads Argentina here).



Inner Compass 

Grensverleggers ronde 2
8 oktober t/m 18 december 2021

Our Dutch personal leadership and movement building program, designed for people between 18 and 25 years old who want to improve themselves and their surroundings!

Heartbeat is an immersive, intensive 10-day journey for youths between 21 and 30 years old, focussed on developing resilience, emotional intelligence and emotional agility.

Inner Compass is our online program, a learning experience for people who want to increase their personal leadership and to rethink their way forward.

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