Che Amigo Playground Event in writing Dec 2015 By Liselotte Vaessen Knowmads Business School in Amsterdam; our playground. The place where living with your heart, head and hands are key elements. Pieter Spinder, the founder, points out that the biggest learning experience is about feeling ownership. If you own something, you feel responsibile. For students […]


December 22, 2015

Che Amigo Playground Event @ Knowmads Creative Business School

Written by Marloes Lagaaij, Tribe 10, from her lovely blog Soul Studio¬† Knowmads Business School Amsterdam: Sounds fancy pancy doesn’t it? Knowmads is something that is hard to explain and can only really be understood when it’s felt with the heart by being there. Being in the building, being in the community, seen with the […]

Alumni Stories, Inspiration

December 8, 2015

I will tell you my story, how I ended up here and how it became my home, my family & my starting point for a new life full of possibilities!


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